ESTRANGED: MC Kats after he was beaten by 'former wife' Fille Mutoni, who is now reportedly hanging out with singer Nutty Neithan.

“Thing about life is when some one you move with does wrong you too get involved. Am sorry about what happened. Tho didnt roll him over…. Listen pple I didnt drive e car over him. Yes we had a verbal mis understanding. My friend in e car got scared coz she had neva seen us this way. So in fear she started e car to run off with me. The car hit Katamba accidentally,” reads an apology that was shared on musician Fille Facebook’s account.

The apology was allegedly to her fiancé, MC Kats, whom she had earlier beaten to pulp.

However, we’ve learnt that the ‘apology’ was apparently written by Kats himself.

According to a source close to the NBS presenter and Fille, it is Kats that is in charge of Fille’s Facebook account.  Indeed, the EagleOnline has learnt that Kats blocked Fille and has since taken charge of both accounts: his and Fille’s.
Apparently, all posts that have been posted on the accounts after their fight have been posted by Kats.

And looking at the grammar and punctuation on both Kats’ and Fille’s social media accounts, one would realise all are authored by the same person.

The jury is out there!