BACK IN STYLE: Semei Wesali, the Deputy News Editor at Bukedde

Semei Wesali, a former Station Manager at Bukedde TV who was fired on allegations of sexually harassing his female colleagues, has crossed back to his former employers, as a writer this time.

This came shortly after he was fired by Delta TV, for reportedly pocketing money given to him to pay the station’s employees.

So when he was axed by Delta TV, he somehow found his way back to Bukedde, where he had earlier been indefinitely suspended after the management discovered that he had been using his position (station manager) to lure female employees and interns into sexual relationships.

And after rejoining as a writer in May, he has now been promoted a position almost equal to the he held before Bukedde first fired him, and this has brought about ‘panic’ among the female workers at the station.

He has been elevated to the position of deputy news editor.

However, Semei is not the first controversial employee to be handled with kid gloves.

It ought to be remembered that the station retained its controversial news anchor, Robinah Mweruka, who made headlines when her ‘sex tape’ ended up in public.

Despite being married, she was captured in the video clip having sex with a different man in a place that appeared to be a studio. The station briefly suspended her. He husband too, wanted to divorce her but was calmed down by family members through a family crisis meeting.

However, she was later returned to the station and she is currently an anchor for the 10pm news.