DARED SHEILA GASHUMBA: South African-based socilaite Shafik Katumba and Katsha the Bank with his 'wife' Shakirah De Bank.

The live-in girlfriend of South African-based Ugandan socialite Shafik Katumba aka ‘Katsha De Bank’ has warned Sheila Gashumba off her man.

Shakirah De Bank accuses Sheila of dating her man. Apparently, Katsha and Sheila first met when the latter visited South Africa in 2015 for her botched education which ended in just weeks.  However, reports emerged that at the time Sheila claimed to be attending a South African University, ‘she was meeting a string of Ugandan men’.

Among the men she reportedly met was Faceoff of the ‘Stress Free’ fame and Katsha. Her relationship with Katsha reportedly further developed during his time in Uganda last year.

But as the South African-based couple prepares to return to the country, Shakirah, who is pregnant with Katsha’s second child, has promised to teach Sheila ‘a lesson’ if she doesn’t leave her man.

The De Bank couple, which is known for their lavish parties in December, never turned up last year because the current economic situation couldn’t allow them to, sources said.

They instead decided to extend their stay in South Africa and party in Uganda to March this year.