A weather-beaten Lawrence Aliyenka aka Captain Dollar

Singer Lawrence Dawson Aliyenka aka Captain Dollar came to the limelight in 2013 with his vulgar-lyrics-laced song, Emese.

He rose to stardom in just months thanks to the vulgar lyrics in the song and earned big money from his performances at various concerts across the country.
However, he would pay for the song in just a year. His career started going down the drain and it wasn’t long before he was completely at the bottom.
As if that wasn’t enough, the car that he had acquired from proceeds from the song was also robbed. His then manager Marone Muwonge ran off with even the little property he had acquired, leaving the singer at zero.
With such experience, what else would one do apart from turning his life to God? Well, that’s exactly what Dollar did; he became ‘born-again’ on Sunday during the evening prayers at Pastor Robert Kayanja’s church, Miracle Center Rubaga.
He did not only become ‘born-again’ but also led the church’s choir to the surprise of the congregation. Hopefully, this will turn around his now miserable life.