A cross-section of mourners who turned up for the burial of Hajji Sulaiman Kabega at Kkungu today

Muslims from the across the divide have praised deceased cleric Hajji Sulaiman Kabega, saying he served the faithful dedicatedly.

The observations were made by different speakers who attended the burial of Hajji Kabega at a 7-acre piece of land in Buwate, Kkungu, which he donated to the Muslim community.

Shiekh Muhamudu Kibirige, the Ngeye clan leaders addresses mourners during the burial of Hajji Sulaiman Kabega today

Among those in attendance were Sheihk Abdallah Semambo and Ibrahim Kabasa, both deputy Muftis from the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council; , the Deputy Supreme Mufti from the Kibuli faction, the Amir Umma Sheikh Ahamad Kasujja, Sheikh Sulaiman Kakeeko, the Amir Daula, the Ngeye clan leader Sheikh Muhamudu Kibirige and Sheikh Muhammad Galabuzi.

In his sermon Sheikh Galabuzi cautioned the widows and children of the deceased to use a three day ultimatum to document the wealth of the late and have it distributed as per the provisions of Sharia law.

Galabuzi’s call was echoed by Sheikh Abbas Kabuye, the representative of the deceased’s children, who urged the Deputy Supreme Mufti Shiekh Kibate to help them share the property.

” Why are we still having factions amongst the Muslim Community yet all the different leaders of those sects all studied from Madina University in Saudi Arabia” said Sheikh Semambo, one of the UMSC Deputy Muftis, wondered.

According to Sheikh Semambo, the genesis of the Muslim chaos was the property at William Street. “But President Museveni bought that land and returned it to the Muslim community,” he said, before stressing the importance of unity among the Muslim clerics.

Hajji Kabega will be famously remembered for having participating in the writing of the Muslim calender popularly known as Mugenyi Asooka, which details all the Islamic events.

Born March 28, Hajji Kabega, one of the benefactors at the Kiwatule mosque, died on January 7, aged 85.