IN 'NUDE' SOUP: Angela Kalule

One of the most discussed topics at the weekend was musician Angela Kalule.

This followed a semi-nude video clip which she had record earlier landing in the hands of the public, attracting both criticism and support for her.

Reacting on the video clip, Kalule apologized to everyone offended, saying it hadn’t been intended for public view.

However, it ended up in the hands of the public after she failed to raise the money asked for by radio and TV presenters.

Angela, whose phone was stolen last month, says she was reached by Bukedde TV presenters, Josephat Seguya and Semei; Grace Namiyimbo, Carol and Sula Simplex of Ssuubi FM who asked her for money to block the video from ending up in the hands of the public.

“I was powerless and neither did I have the resources to respond positively to your (their) demands. The search for contentment through blackmail and invasion of privacy will not belittle me nor make me lose my self-esteem. I still hold my head high and will go about my responsibilities as a dutiful fiancé, singer and Mother.”

Meanwhile, appearing on Capital FM Monday, Kalule said like a large section of the public, her family has been by her side during this difficult time.

“The content of the video exactly showed I was speaking to my man although some thought it was a publicity stunt. You cannot get out of the blue to perform such a stunt that you know is going to humiliate you beyond reparable conditions and you know that your children will get to see it. You cannot. You cannot wake up to start planning such a stunt,” she said.

She says no one pushed her to apologise “but I felt like I needed to apologise.”
Angela Kalule’s phone was stolen last month and the case was reported to police. The leaked video was is said to have been in the lost phone.