KICKED OFF 2017: Singer David Lutalo

Comedy Files boss Alex Muhangi has rapped local Kadongokamu singer, David Lutalo over refusing to perform at last week’s comedy show at Diners Lounge.

Sources said Lutalo, who was reportedly advanced Shs2m and had been lined up among the night’s performers, refused to sing at the last minute, saying he only performs for a big crowd.

Now Muhangi has called this lack of exposure.

“The artiste (David Lutalo) we had lined up to perform let us down at last minute claiming he only performs before ‘crowds’. His reasons were just that. Reasons I found rather unprofessional and petty for an artiste of his caliber,” says Muhangi.

“Artistes have held concerts that filled stadia, made tours and graced prestigious events but none of these same artistes has pulled such a low and egoistic stunt when they came to Comedy Store. I guess it all comes down to management and exposure,” Muhangi wrote.

He further adds that for the time he has been into entertainment, there is not a music star in the Ugandan industry that hasn’t headlined on the show but none has set conditions beyond payment.

Lutalo had been lined up to perform alongside comedians Godi Godi, Buuza, Snake and Zoro, and Kalela.