BBS TV CEO Joe Kigozi

When BBS TV went on air last year, many people rushed to occupy the then virgin posts.

Many of the ‘deserters’ were from already existing TV stations and included Joe Kigozi from NBS, Juma Kirya, one Barry and Simon Paul Etiang from NTV.

But we have since learnt that after ‘things failed to work out at BBS TV’ some of them have started running back to their former work stations.

According to information on our desk, Etiang, Barry and Kirya resigned from their posts at BBS TV last week and have since gone back to NTV.

Though none is willing to reveal the reasons as to why they left, a reliable source tells us that the trio resigned over unpaid salaries.

Apparently, workers at the station have gone months without salary the reason why the BBS TV CEO, Joe Kigozi was sent on forced leave in June.

Following his return last month, some of their salaries were cleared but only up to May; they haven’t received their salaries for June and July and this has left many employees aggrieved.

Meanwhile, we have learnt that the station also fired some employees over performance, though some of them who preferred to remain anonymous insist their firing is based on the demand for their salaries.

Those fired after hasty meeting where newsroom employees were called and compelled to pledge allegiance to the station include Hadija Mwanje and Farouk Namatiti.