APOLOGISED: Comedian MC Mariachi

When comedian MC Mariachi came up with jokes about Muslims, perhaps he thought all would end with him receiving his pay cheque, but the situation has turned nasty, with a top Muslim cleric stopping short of ordering him to flee the country.

Indeed, everything appears to have backfired for MC Mariachi and with mounting pressure, the comedian who was accused of mortifying Islam, was quick to ‘apologise’ but still did that in a comical way!

The comic apology was rejected by the spokesman of the Kibuli Muslim faction, Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata, who said it was mockery, and warned the comedian to either flee the country or increase his security “otherwise Muslims are going him make him pay for mocking their religion.”

But Mariachi was quick to sense the danger and escorted by other comedians, trekked to Kibuli Hill and apologised. Knees to the ground, Mariachi asked for forgiveness and pledged never to come up with similar jokes.

He was ‘forgiven’ but warned of dire consequences if he repeated similar jokes.