A photo montage of Desire Luzinda and Juliana Kanyomozi. Photo credit/ugandaonline.

What began as a selfie has since escalated into a big war between two prominent Ugandan lady musicians, Juliana Kanyomozi and Desire Luzinda.

It all began when Desire’s manager-cum-boyfriend, tycoon Edward Lwasa travelled on the same plane with Juliana while heading to the US. Sitting next to her, he took a selfie that landed into public hands. Reports would soon come out about Juliana travelling with Lwasa, rubbing the singer the wrong way.

She took to social media to rant, threatening to sue Lwasa over invading her privacy.

“For starters, who is this person? People have been asking me about someone and I was not understanding until someone sent me an article. You can’t come and take a picture of someone simply because they happen to be sitting next to you on a plane without their permission, and then go ahead and share it implying that I’m traveling with you,” Juliana begins her rant.

“He didn’t even have the courtesy to greet me!!! Let alone request to take a picture with or of me. This is intruding on other people’s privacy and I could sue you for it!!! What the hell is wrong with some people?”

It wasn’t long before Desire hit back in defense of her boyfriend, calling Juliana a frustrated woman.

“Sometimes we burst out over non-issues yet in reality there are battles, pain and frustrations we are fighting deep within ourselves but if you take heed in prayer, in His comfort, only He alone can mend your broken heart,” the ‘Kitone’ hit maker advised.

“You will then realize the little things that were consuming you were actually not worth extorting your emotions on,” Desire added.

Tycoon Lwasa is yet to comment on the matter but meanwhile, between Juliana and Desire who do you think will win this ‘war of words’?