IN COUNTRY: r Diamond Platnumz.

Tanzanian singer, Diamond Platnumz is in the country for the KCCA carnival, but all is not well with local musicians who claim he has been given money that is 9 times what they will collectively get.

According to the released budget, the Tanzanian will earn Shs165 while a paltry Shs20million will be shared by all other local artistes including Bobi Wine. This has left a section of local artistes furious. Among those is Dr Hilderman.

“This is for you KCCA.  Always learn to appreciate. We started the city carnival with you guys and your bargaining power was not having sponsors for the event, you humbly asked us to associate with you and promised to revise artistes’ budgets if sponsors came on board. Now that Ugandan artists have built the day for you and sponsors are flooding your offices you decide to drop them,” he shared his disappointment on social media.

“Question; When do international artists contribute to KCCA revenue? If carnivals are meant for giving back to the locals like you say, how have u given back to Ugandan artists who pay for performance permit fees, whom you take their security fees and even pay revenue for different services around town?

“Why are you so mean when it comes to your own?  I bet if you have ever spent even half the money you gonna spend on Ugandan artistes. All u do is to cry (kukaaba that mwe bafe) language.”

He proposed to the authority to instead use such money by engaging all artists to compose songs about the city and its challenges and artistically giving solutions to make the city better and the winner goes home big.

“Would it have an impact if Ugandan musicians were paid well and each asked to perform with his band for a good period of time? Pay Ugandan musicians more, if you love your country and city more. Kampalans are those in Kampala not outsiders. The event is not for tourists not foreigners but us who contribute to the city.

“If it is really for charity, don’t u think Ugandan musicians would spread the message to their fans more than you have done on media platforms?  Charity with expensivity doesn’t match. If it is for charity we would instead use our own to safe guard that money for a cause, but what is gonna happen is that our tax payers money has been wasted and that concert cannot fetch any profits for the intention, therefore is the purpose worth or the project designers just feel happy to see their wallets fat.

“Ugandans wake up, lets go ugandan, institutions value uganda and improve Uganda. KCCA BUILD YOUR OWN, CONTRIBUTE TO MAKING YOUR OWN. If Nairobi or Dara salama city festivals employ ugandan artists then u will copy too. Love our own, For God and My Country.”