KLM, the Royal Dutch Airlines led by the country manager Lukia Otema donated learning and leisure materials to orphans in Nakaseke

KLM, the Royal Dutch Airlines led by the Uganda Country Manager Lukia Otema has donated learning and leisure materials to orphans in Nakaseke.

The donations including colourful chairs and toys were made Saturday when the KLM team visited Nakaseke Early Childhood project run by the African Community Centre for Social Sustainability (ACCESS), and while handing over the materials, Ms. Otema commended the organisation for promoting early learning which she said, is the pillar is for a child’s future.

”We are proud of ACCESS and we as KLM; we want to see children nurtured in the best way possible and provided with a conducive learning and playing environment,” Ms. Otema said of the project which started last year and is supporting over 30 children aged between 2-5 years from six villages across Nakaseke, who gather at ACCESS offices every Saturday to learn and play.

ACCESS is a community-based organization in Nakaseke which supports orphans and other vulnerable children through providing healthcare and education/training opportunities and, according to the organisation’s officials, the support rendered by KLM will increase access to early childhood and primary education by engaging parents from the rural areas of Nakaseke.

Early childhood learning is key to the development of a country, and in 2016 the government launched the National Integrated Early Childhood Development policy (NIECD), to address issues regarding childhood development and urged various stakeholders to embrace the initiative.