Singer Gravity Omutujju

The ‘war’ between rapper Gravity Omutujju and KCCA is not about to end, with the city authorities reportedly threatening to bar him from performing in Kampala.

And, to reinforce his arsenal, after bashing KCCA at Kololo, where Tanzanian crooner Diamond Platnumz was the lead performer, Gravity has now taken the ‘war’ to social media, pouring out fury over what he calls ‘degrading local artistes’.

“On Friday night I aired my dissatisfaction at Kololo airstrip when I complained about the little pay given to Ugandan artists in a way of despising the local artists.

I am a Ugandan rapper entertainer and well-wisher to Ugandan music. I believe we have matured musically as a country especially to our local fans we give them Hit after Hit day after day but guess what the promoters of this country, whenever they think of having a massive show, they think of upcoming African artistes who have 3 songs to come and perform here in my country,” he ranted.

“As if that is not enough these Bu so called stars from TZ and West Africa are given a lot of money to come here and bore us on our own soil. As we commemorate this Independence I kindly ask you dear promoters to always consider us first and pay as dearly as you pay those bu boys.”

He advised that had KCCA distributed the Shs165m among local artistes like; Chameleone Shs15m, Bebe cool Shs15m, Bobi Wine 15m “and gave 5 million to other artistes and provide them with good sound, better lighting like it was when you brought that boy and promote it massively, Ugandans would fill up Kololo”.

“Legends like Maddox , Afrigo Band, Golden Band ,can kill those bu boys you bring here bu one hit wonder butuboye ekimala.”

On the reported imminent ban from performing in Kampala, Gravity said he doesn’t care about whatever measure KCCA takes against him. “Whatever I said, I was expressing myself. Secondly, I was giving them (KCCA) a piece of advice. But still, if they ban me from performing in Kampala, I will perform in villages,” Gravity ranted, his outburst coming on the heels of a similar rant by singer Dr Hilderman.

He said he was so disappointed with KCCA that it can spend the whole year taxing them but when it comes to a time of the Carnival, where it ought to give back to them, it gives the money to foreigners.

Diamond Platnumz from Tanzania was paid Shs165million while local artistes including Gravity and Bobi Wine were left to share just Shs20 million.