ADDED TALENT: Big Talent Entertainment boss Eddy Kenzo

As musicians bench and pay radio stations to play their songs, Eddy Kenzo has blocked a station from playing his songs.

The ‘Sitya Loss’ hit maker has urged Ddembe FM to stop playing his songs or start paying him for every time his song is played.

Alternatively, if the station can’t afford the first two options, he wants them to drop its panelists on a weekend program ‘Talk n Talk’.

He accuses them, particularly Eddie Ssendi of bad mouthing him together with his co-presenters Isaac Katende (Kasuku) and Jenkins Mukama.

“I want to tell this to Ssendi that I’ve never been arrested but I am ready to go to jail for the first time simply because of him. Together with my boys, we will storm Ddembe FM studios and thump him to pulp,” he warns in a message that he shared on social media.

“He is lucky that I am not in Uganda at the moment…. Had I been in Uganda, he would understand what I am talking about. Despite growing up on the streets, I have never been to jail. Though, I’m ready to go there over Ssendi.”

Kenzo accuses Ssendi of have claimed on air that Kenzo was behind the recent death of celebrated music producer, Danz Ku Mapeesa.