The Leader of the Opposition (LoP) Winnie Kiiza has called for deferring of the age limit bill back to government and instead incorporate it in the schedule for the Constitutional Review Commission.

Appearing before legal and parliamentary affairs committee at parliament, Kiiza, who also doubles as the Kasese Woman MP, said the bill is intended to undermine the democratic path of the country.

According to Kiiza,  despite the parliamentary rules and procedures allowing for legislators to come up with private member bills aimed at amending a particular Articles of the Constitution, the age limit bill tabled by Igara West MP Rapahael Magyezi seeking the removal of the 75-year cap, was not channeled through right procedures.

“It (bill) had to come through the Constitution Review Commission to Parliament; not any Tom, Dick and Harry to present an amendment on the floor of parliament when there is a government commitment to set up a review commission,” Ms. Kiiza said.

According to the LoP, the bill as floated by Magyezi is aimed at keeping President Yoweri Museveni in power after 2021, when he will be aged 77, two above the cap.

“We as opposition oppose the removal of age cap regardless of who is in power. We believe today’s Uganda has capable citizens who can succeed President Museveni because the Constitution has been amended four times and at all times, it has been amended to cater for the interest of one man, the President,” she said.

Ms Kiiza added:  “In 2001 Museveni asked for one final term, which was still constitutional. However, the only person with a stake in this matter is still President Museveni; the spirit of the Constitution that recognizes that the struggle against tyranny must prevail.”

Further, Ms. Kiiza said: “Some legislators would like to write the name of Museveni in the Constitution like they did in the UPDF Act.”

Ms. Kiiza also said the sanctity of Parliament had to be first be violated by the Special Forces Command (SFC), who evicted opposition MPs, to pave the way for Magyezi to table his bill.

During the forceful eviction, opposition MPs including Angelina Osegge, Betty Nambooze and Francis Butebi Zaake were injured.

The age limit bill that is currently before legal and parliamentary affairs committee for scrutiny.