Kizza Besigye

Former presidential candidate Dr. Kiiza Besigye has today implored security organs to join him in the campaign against the current regime following the signing of age limit bill into law by president Museveni.
In December last year 317 legislators voted for amendment as 97 voted against the expunging of both the lower and upper presidential age limit that was capped at 35 and 75 years and increasing their terms in office from five to seven years.
Speaking at the launch of ‘’Kulemesa (curtail) campaign ’’ that is aimed at awakening and empowerment of our citizens against the current regime, Dr. Besigye said security operatives should do what they can to disable what is happening because it’s legitimate to disable the regime we have in Uganda.
‘’Security operatives suffer most in this country yet they work 24 hours and earn less, they should join us in the campaign of failing the regime that is holding the country hostage’’ he added in a press briefing held at FDC offices at Katonga road.
He howeve,r warned Ugandans of supporting the military junta saying it will be risk of laying wrath on them, ‘’If we identify you, you will added you to the list of people that are meant to be isolated.
He further noted that regime relies on dysfunctional security which has led to massive killings of people where has become Museveni a visitor of all victims must be brought down.
According to Dr. Besigye, their option of nonviolence is deliberate, “we can bring down the regime without throwing a stone, and every person has to act in a bid to fail this regime’’.
Adding “This campaign can be concluded fairly quickly if everybody acts, whether these people (legislators and the president) increase their terms in office, they should first finish this one before thinking of the other two years’’.
With this campaign, he says they will launch a national assembly that will include people’s representatives from the 317 constituencies that were betrayed by their supposed representatives.
“These representatives that betrayed people must be subjected to total isolation and rejection, We are going to isolate them socially, politically and economically as well as boycotting their shops and schools’’.