Rosebud managers inspecting the gardens.

When Zimbabwe crumbled and halted dominating the export of flowers to Europe, Rosebud, Uganda’s largest exporter of roses commanding around 35 per cent of Uganda’s rose-export market, popped out to fill the gaps, according to the publication by the East African Business Week.

“Rosebud has a high regard for quality which has reinforced the company as the major resort in the Ugandan market for buyers across the world,” says director Meera Ruparelia. “The greenhouses cover a total of 42 hectares producing and exporting over 9 million stems per month.”

Commanding 40 per cent of the roses export, the company based in Entebbe, remains the country’s largest exporter of the product. The greenhouses on the farm covers a total of 50 hectares producing and exporting over 12 million stems per month.
Rosebud is owned by Uganda’s wealthiest businessman Sudhir Ruparelia