RIP: Mozey Radio.

Uganda and Africa woke-up to the sad news of the passing on of Moses Ssekibogo aka Mozey Radio, a young talented musician whose life was abruptly brought to an end in a sad manner.

Mozey, as he was popularly known amongst his fans, lives behind a great legacy and like it is said: He who leaves a work of art lives forever’.

Mozey, your passing on remains a mystery given the several accounts that have surfaced ever since he got admitted at Case Hospital.

However, those that cut short your life should be brought to book because nobody is above the law and indeed, no one shouldn’t take the law into their hands like was in your case. Whether you were wrong or not they didn’t deserve to do what they did. Why should someone end another person’s life as a result of an argument?

An argument is an exchange of ideas and it doesn’t mean going nasty. See the outcome? Our modest appeal is that government through its investigative arms should probe this incident and bring those responsible for ending your life to book.

Mozey, your demise reminds us of the trajectory of many more unexplained deaths that have rocked the entertainment industry in Uganda and his death should be a turning point for the authorities and the entertainment fraternity to seek for solution this monster that is taking the lives of young musicians.

RIP Mozey Radio, your legacy lives on!