CAME UNDER FIRE: Singer Spice Diana

Recently social media has been awash with countless posts depicting the results of a one Hajjara Namukwaya aka Spice Diana, starting from her senior one to her senior six finals.

This was after the local artiste and celebrity mistakenly told NTV’s ‘Mwasuzzemutya’ host Faridah Nakazibwe that she scored ‘32 points’ at A-Level despite 24 points being the highest level of achievement at that level.

Although she took time out to correct her mistake towards the end of the show, blaming a work overload and stress arising from the loss of her fellow musician Moses Sekibogo aka Mowzey Radio, the damage had been done.

And this did not stop the internet trolls from having their way with what was later to turn out as Spice Diana’s grievous error. Consequently, social media users, influencers and some artistes took to their various platforms to criticize her, with some even going the extra mile to make the most of it by producing and rediting videos depicting her in bad light.

Alex Muhangi‏ @AlexMuhangi Feb 11

If ur going through a tough time in ur life right now, just remember that Spice Diana got 32 points at A-level & thinks she was the best.

MainMan  🏾‏ @kabderrick Feb 11


Spice Diana can write on the 98th page of a 96 page exercise book..

Atemele 🌻‏ @Apple_Shapple Feb 11


I’m still wondering how @fsnakazibwe kept a straight face while Spice Diana was discussing her 32 aggregates in UACE and that second grade. @ntvuganda give her a medal for professionalism. How did she not laugh?

However, to absolve herself of the impressions she created in people’s minds, the ‘Anti Kale’ star further ‘released’ what she claims are her official PLE, UCE and UACE results. But this only served to fuel the fire when more people used the new material to prove her ‘mediocrity’ and even question the validity of her acceptance into the prestigious Makerere University, from where she graduated this January.

Anyhow, Spice Diana is not the first celebrity and nor will she be the last to experience such backlash from society due to their linguistic shortcomings!  Eddy Kenzo and Lubaga North MP Kato Lubwama are no exceptions to such criticisms, having been in the line of fire themselves several times before due to their evident limitations in the English language.

However, whilst Kenzo and Kato Lubwama might bear the brunt of most illiterate jokes, they have never been under public scrutiny to prove their educational achievements, unlike Spice Diana, who previously took to social media to celebrate her graduation with fans and well-wishers, inadvertently setting a bar/standard by which the public will judge her.

Nonetheless, Spice Diana lives to perform another day and despite countless efforts by critics and trolls to question, ridicule and discredit the authenticity of her results, Spice Diana still remains a graduate and given her sudden rise in fame, the sky is the limit for this young lady as she continues to take over the music industry, one hit at a time.

That said, the magnitude of her mishap was so widely spread and some are beginning to wonder if it was actually intended as publicity stunt …Anti Kale!