Singer Angella Katatumba says she is the rightful Consul of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to Uganda, following the death of her father Boney Katatumba who was in 2000 appointed by former President of Pakistani Pervez Musharaf to run the Consulate based in Kampala.
Angela Katatumba confirms in a letter she sent to us. The letter written on October 24, 2017 was addressing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Uganda), Pakistani nationals, diplomats and international organisations.
The letter at the time urged those concerned with the activities of the consulate in Kampala to address their issues to Angella Katatumba through her email: angella The letter headed “Consulate of the Islamic of Pakistan Kampala-Uganda” does not however mention the name of the individual author of the letter even though it was stamped.
The Deputy Miss Angela Katatumba who has been running the Consulate office with him, for the last ten years, is now at the hem until the President of Pakistan announces any new developments,” reads part of the letter.
The letter written on October 24, 2017, was copied to Uganda’s High Commission to Kenya and the High Commissioner for Pakistan-Nairobi.
Ms Katatumba dismissed the earlier letter written on April 13, 2018 by the Pakistan High Commission in Nairobi warning the public against dealing with her.
Katatumba said both the High Commission at Nairobi and her are appointed by the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan with the approval of Ministry of Foreign Affair and therefore, wondered how a fellow presidential appointee can dismiss her appointment.