Brian Kirumira aka Bryan White

The latest development is that artistes have started exiting the ‘podium’ all signs show their boss, Bryan White popularly known as Brian Kirumira is almost dry.

According to sources that have been part of the ‘podium’, the self-declared moneybag has run out of money and recently ordered all his employees who are mainly artistes to remit some of their earnings from the music shows to his foundation.

The source revealed that Bryan White fired all of his employees and ordered them to reapply.

Among the requirements for reapplying include applicants submitting their academic qualifications in addition to committing part of their earnings from show to the foundation as it appears the owner is almost broke to fund it alone.

On hearing about the new demands which include submission of one’s academic qualification, some like Madrat have already confirmed their departure from the podium though said it was more about their shows than academic documents.

“My friend, we went to school. I myself, I have a degree in Bachelors of Hotloaf and Boffulo which I obtained from Makerere.  Said one of the artist. DJ Michael, who has been Bryan White’s right hand man wasn’t spared too.

He confirmed the firing, saying they were invited on Thursday by their boss to attend training but none turned up. An infuriated White ordered all of them to return his cards and terminated their contracts.

Among artists and comedians who have been on the Podium include Jose Chameleon, who has been the latest recruitment in the foundation, Weasel Manizo, Big eye, King Micheal, Pallaso, Alex Muhangi, Chicco, Madratt, Mendo who mimics president Museveni.

Similar to school children, he had equipped them with a school.. Oops, a foundation uniform which they had to wear at all times.

They are also required to report to the foundation at exactly 8am and leave at 6pm.