DPP Justice Mike Chibita

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Mike Chibita, could soon be aligned in court to defend himself against four former terrorism and murder suspects who intend to sue him personally for wrongful detention.

The four suspects have written to Chibita, claiming they were wrongly arrested and detained on terrorism, murder and other charges without evidence pinning them to the crimes including the killing of Muslim sheikhs Mustafa Babiga and Hassan Kirya.

They are represented by their lawyer Fred Muwema of Muwema and Company Advocates who wrote to the DDP on June 29, 2018 of the intention to sue the official personally in courts of law. The four are; Yusuf Sentamu Kasibante, Muhamadi Kalodo Kasibante, Ismail Sentongo and Musa Isa Mubiru.

Yusuf Sentamu Kasibante, Muhamadi Kalodo Kasibante were arrested in Deira Dubai by Dubai police officers on allegations of terrorism, crimes against humanity, two murder cases, attempted murder and aiding support to ADF rebels and associates in Nalukolongo, central, eastern and northern parts of Uganda between February 2014 and January 2015.

The two are accused of murdering Sheikh Mustafa Bahiga on December 28 3, 2014 and Sheikh Hassan Kirya on June 30, 2015, respectively. Sheikh Bahiga was gunned in Bwebajja in Wakiso district while Sheikh Kirya was gunned in Bweyogerere also in Wakiso district.

The duo is also accused of attempting to kill Sheikh Dr. Haruna Kirya on January 3, 2015 at Wattuba Mutugga in Wakiso district.
On the other hand Musa Isa Mubiru was arrested at Dubai International Airport on January 3, 2016 while on a business trip whereas Ismail Sentongo, who was a resident in Dubai, was arrested on December 6, 2015. The victims claim no evidence was availed to the Chief Prosecutor of Dubai Court Ismail Al-madan by the Uganda police operatives who were following up the matter in Dubai.

According to their lawyer Muwema: “The quadruplet was held in confinement in Dubai and subsequently charged in Uganda for the above alleged crimes.”

The former suspects claim they were abducted from Dubai by unknown persons who flew them to Abdu Dhabi where they were confronted by Uganda police officers namely; SSP Nickson Agasirwe Karuhanga and ASP Fred Tumuhairwe who “advised them to cooperate if they cared about their lives and freedom.”

Their lawyer Muwema has given the DPP seven days to respond or else the case will end up in court. Muwema claims his clients want the DPP to be held personally liable for what they say untold pain, suffering, loss and damage they have encountered during and after their illegal arrest, detention and sham trials.

Muwema has copied the letter of intention to sue to the Ambassador of UAE to Uganda, president of Uganda Law Society and the Chairman of Uganda Human Rights Commission.