CCEDU Cordinator Crispin Kaheru

A non-government organisation, Citizen’s coalition for electoral democracy in Uganda (CCEDU) has responded to chairperson for electoral commissions statement disqualifying them from monitoring the local council (LC) elections the will be held tomorrow.

In a document released earlier in the day, Justice Simon Byabakama said, CCEDU has been partisan in the way it has been conducting its activities, bleaching electoral observation guidelines for benefits of stake holder in the electoral process.

“The commission and the nation wants credible, honest and impartial partners to access electoral process and make pertinent recommendations, it is upon the back ground that EC suspends your relationship till further notice,” said EC chairman Justice Byabakama.

In reaction to EC, CCEDU distanced it’s self from all the allegations of acting outside electoral observation guidelines and maintained its position of opposing voting by lining up behind candidates, “therefore we will not observer LC1 elections,” added.

They revealed that CCEDU subscribes to the internationally recognized standards of public elections by secret ballots saying that is why they petitioned constitutional court for the interpretation of the law.

“We consider the suspension from the difference in working methods, CCEDU believes in exposing good practice and shortcoming to ensure free and fair election, EC believes in documenting and sharing information, we believe that this matter can be solve through dialogue,” the secretariat wrote.