WROTE TO IGP KAYIHURA: FDC Secretary Generral Nathan Nandala Mafabi

Budadiri East Constituency legislator, Vicent Woboya, has threatened to sue his counterpart of Budadiri West, Nathan Nandala Mafabi, for libel unless he withdraws a letter alleging that the former misappropriated onion seed that were meant for farmers in Bugisu sub region.

“I rise to give an explanation on allegations contained in a letter authored by Hon. Nathan Nandala Mafabi in which he states that I received onion seeds on behalf of Members of Parliament from Bugisu sub-region from NAADs and misappropriated the same. I would like to categorically refute these allegations as baseless and extension of grudges arising from the last elections,” MP Woboya said.

While defending himself in a personal statement before speaker of parliament recently, Woboya said MP Nandala’s letter of May 10, 2018, was not only malicious but also fabricated to destroy his otherwise impeccable reputation.
“The Hon. Nandala should therefore, substantiate his allegations against me and offer an apology to me and the people of Budadiri East by withdrawing his letter and write back to the IGG and the IGP clarifying the falsehoods. Otherwise I will have no option but to institute a civil action against him for libel,” Woboya said.

MP Woboya said that when Nandala threatened him with the IGG and police investigations, he told him to proceed to Simlaw Seeds and pick his share of the onion seed.

He added: “I do not know the criterion followed by NAADs in allocating different quantities to different beneficiaries and if this was his concern, he would be at liberty to contact NAADs for details. I am neither the custodian nor the storekeeper of the said seeds. My role was simply to lobby for my people and communicate to the other Colleagues.”

Woboya said that on December 30, 2016, he wrote to President to help him get onion seeds through NAADs to improve livelihoods for the farmers in Budadiri East. However, he said, a decision was reached that all farmers of Bugisu sub region get the seeds which would be delivered through their respective members of parliament.

“On July 2lst 2017, the issue of onion growing was again raised to H.E. the President by Bugisu Parliamentary Caucus through Hon. Ignatius Mudini the Caucus Chairperson. Dr. Kitutu met NAADs officials and a decision was reached to give all Members of Bugisu Parliamentary Caucus some onion seeds,” he said.

He said each member was individually called by NAADs to pick their share of the seeds from Smilaw Seed Company and that Secretary to the Caucus; he communicated to all the members the same message through SMS. “All members of Bugisu Caucus should have by now picked their seeds, if for any reason a member has not picked his/her seeds, how can I be held responsible?” He asked.

Nandala in his letter alleged that: “You received onion seeds on behalf of Bugisu Parliamentary Caucus and listed Members of Parliament of the region as beneficiaries. These seeds have been misappropriated by you as members have never received them. We are requesting Police and IGG to investigate the matter.”

Nandala copied the Nandala has copied the letter to the Speaker of Parliament-Rebecca Kadaga, Inspector General of Government-Irene Mulyagonja, Inspector General of Police-Martins Ochola Okoth, Director CID-Grace Akulo.