Sudhir and Rajiv testing the fertility of the Masaka land.

Ugandan investor, Sudhir Ruparelia has allocated part of the land he acquired in Masaka district for vegetables growing so as to meet the international demand.

“Farming is the backbone of this economy and I do not want to be left behind,” he said recently as he toured the land in Masaka.
Ruparelia and some members of his family and managers of Ruparelia Group recently toured the said to find out whether the land was fertile enough to support his horticulture business.

In March Sudhir acquired nine square miles of land in Kayunga district to expand on his horticulture and floriculture farming business. Sudhir bought the land in Bbale County as part of expansion to Masaka and Entebbe road floriculture business.

His flower businesses last year were selected the best from the East African region and top the flower exporting countries from East Africa.

Sudhir flower business employs more than 5,000 people both indirect and directly. Ruparelia is one of the top employers in Uganda while his Ruparelia Group is one of the top tax payers and employers in Uganda the country.

His growing horticulture business has made Uganda one of the leading fresh flower exporting countries in the world. He runs two floriculture firms in Entebbe Wakiso district, Rosebud and Premier Roses. The two companies are the biggest producers of flowers in Uganda, exporting over 180 million stands annually to over 10 countries.

Some of the flowers grown by the two companies are; Sweetheart Rises, Valentino (dark red), Viva (blight yellow), Chelsea (Orange), Red Calupso ( blight red), Meera (Champagne), Akito (white) and Brushing Akito.