Gen David Tinyefuza
Gen. Sejusa
Gen David Sejusa
Gen David Sejusa

The army has warned the former Coordinator intelligence agencies, Gen David Sejusa for making controversial political statements.

Gen Sejusa, who returned from exile in December last year in London, held a meeting on Tuesday with the opposition Democratic Party and called for boycott of the 2016 general elections if the proposed electoral reforms are not implemented.

But the army spokesperson, Lt Col Paddy Ankunda said Gen Sejusa would not be allowed to continue making political statements since he is still a serving army officer.

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“We will consult with the Commander-in-Chief over the issue because this is indiscipline,” Ankunda said.

The opposition has proposed a number of electoral and constitutional reforms including allowing Ugandans in the diaspora to vote and review the recruitment of electoral commissioners.

Currently, the incumbent president appoints members of the commission, which the opposition says the current is unfair. But government has been opposed to some reforms like reviewing of recruitment of commissioners.

Col Ankunda said they would consult President Museveni and decide on the fate of the maverick military who has applied to retire from the from military and join politics but the army has been noncommittal about his request to retire.

Col Ankunda gave the warning to Gen Sejusa at the decoration ceremony of two army officers, James Mugira and Nakibus Lakara in Mbuya, the Military Headquarter. The two officers were promoted to the rank of major general on Saturday.

Gen Sejusa said if Museveni ignored the calls for reform, the opposition could be justified to boycott the elections. He, however, said an election boycott would still favour Museveni.