Makerere University Chancellor Prof. John Ddumba Ssentamu has today afternoon condemned the killing of David Ojok by Nkurumah Hall residents. He was speaking at a press conference organized by the University in partnership with the David Ojok Justice Committee.

Speaking at the press conference Prof. Ddumba on behalf of the university council, Management and students termed the incident as an act of violence by unruly students. “We condemn in the strongest terms this act of mob justice,” said Prof. Ddumba. “We have condemned the continuous unruly behavior of the university students. Our sincere condolences go to the bereaved family, workmates, friends and the entire nation.”

During the conference, Prof.  Ddumba urged students to avoid bad behavior, he revealed that the University management was reviewing laws rules and regulations that would be mandatory to every student at university.

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He said the regulations would be effected next academic year and for a student to be cleared for lectures, he or she would first append his signature to the University rules and regulations. “The reviewed rules will take effect after approval of council and will be effective next academic year. All students are required to sign the rules and regulations,” stated Prof. Ddumba. “Unruly behavior will no longer be tolerated at the university.”

He revealed plans of constructing a perimeter wall around Makerere University and installation of about 20 cameras to tighten security around campus. “During the next financial year, we will start construction of the perimeter wall in phases, the president made the pledge and we are going to chase on it,” said Prof. Ddumba.“

Okot P’Bitek Jr, the Chairperson David Ojok Justice Committee called upon anyone with information about perpetuators of the crime to forward it to the police. He took the opportunity to remind the MUK administration to fulfill their responsibilities. “The university was 2nd respondent, we know that there are 2 sides in this case, criminal and civil, we shall use all means available to get justice,” warned Okot.

“We are in contact with the deceased’s family members. We can’t share what we discuss here. We shall give them something,” said Prof. Ddumba in response to Okot’s comments.

David Ojok, a software engineer and Makerere Alumna was killed by students on Sunday April 21, at Nkurumah Hall. He had just developed applications that would test soil PH and diabetes.