UPC’s Bossa
Late Joseph Bossa
 UPC’s Bossa
UPC’s Bossa

Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) Vice President, Joseph Bossa is among the 7 candidates vying for the post of party president. The party has set May 12 as the election date.

Eagle’s Abubaker Mayemba tracked him at the party head office on Uganda House on Wednesday and asked him issues to do with one of the oldest parties in Uganda. Below is the excerpt

Why are you contesting for UPC party presidency?

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Bossa;  In considering to offer myself as a UPC presidential candidate. I have looked at the state of the country…..  The growing poverty, lack of services in health and education to the ordinary person. The division in the country among tribes and religions, the widening gap between the rich and poor. The gap between the leaders and the people they lead.

Do you think your party is in good position to win the 2016 elections?

Bossa:  Look at the country’s political parties, NRM, DP, FDC, CP etc. In my considered opinion, UPC is the only party fully committed to address the issues in our country. UPC is the party best placed to serve.

How do you plan to make UPC stronger?

Bossa: We must have a party with strong grassroots.  The party must be strong. We must build a cohesive party.  Most of the voters are not registered to parties. We have to make sure those people vote for us by convincing them that we are a better party.

I want to build a party where those who are in the party stay. Those outside should be given a reason to join. Voters are many, you have to give them a reason for them to vote for you. I want to strengthen the party so that it can strengthen the country.

You have few days to canvass for votes from over 100 District committees, how are you going to do it?

Bossa: I can’t go to all districts in those 2 days. I will be represented in the places I won’t be able to reach.

There are allegations that Gen. Sejjusa is joining the opposition, what’s your opinion?

Bossa: If Sejjusa is coming, he should give us reasons. Why does he want to join us? We should not anticipate why he wants to join us, let him talk.

What is your view of Uganda’s political climate for the past 5 years?

Bossa: The political climate has not been good. We have seen a fall of political values in our country. People think we (politicians) are money seekers. Politics is not about self-service, it’s about serving country citizens. Museveni has changed everything, everything is about money. People need guidance, not money.

Your last remarks?

Bossa: We live in the same country but in different worlds. How do we make the person feel he belongs here? Things are tough but we are Ugandans, we have no elsewhere to go, Ninety nine percent of Ugandans are doing so bad. We should stay and make Uganda a better country.

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