Electoral commission (EC) Chairperson , Badru Kiggundu
Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) Chairperson , Badru Kiggundu
Electoral commission (EC) Chairperson , Badru Kiggundu
Electoral commission (EC) Chairperson , Badru Kiggundu

Democratic Party (DP) has today morning called for the changing of Electoral commission (EC) Chairperson , Badru Kiggundu. They said this at a weekly conference that’s held weekly at the party’s headquarters at City House.

Addressing the conference, the party’s Deputy Speaker, Kenneth Paul Kakande said that the current EC needs to be overhauled since it can’t organize free and fair elections. “We know that EC can’t hold free and fair elections. It’s paid by the president and it’s him that appoints,” said Kakande. “It cannot prepare fair elections, it should be changed.”

The DP Deputy Speaker also noted that the irregularities in the election results show the elections are going to be unfair. Kakande said that the EC is confusing the masses by mixing the National identity card registration with the election register. “The mistakes in the lists show that there’s something wrong. This is a sign of what’s inside EC. It (EC) has many suprises for Ugandans, it’s confusing the register so that we reach elections without a right register The results are ready for the 2016 elections”

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Kakande also said that Kiggundu is Museveni’s bodyguard who flashes a thumb and wears a yellow T-shirt inside. “The solution is in Kiggundu leaving, they can’t hold fair elections. He has no capacity to stop any results.”

Speaking about the money that was given help in running political party activities, Kakande said EC used a wrong criteria in giving out the money and that it favors the National Resistence Movement (NRM). “Each represented party should be given an equal share, then base on the number of Members of Parliament,” suggested Kakande. “If you add more power to the ruling party, you weaken the other parties. MRM gets 80 percent, they take it all.”

Kakande also revealed that if Yoweri Museveni doesn’t leave democratically. They would find another way to make him leave power. “We are going to be vigilant, we are going to decide other means to kick this government out of power, we will look for a way to press his jaws.”

Party members who went to court cautioned.

Democratic Party members that ran to court contesting the party elections have been cautioned to come back. Some of them include Ochieng Peter, Balikudembe Joseph Snr and Prof. Mukiibi. “Those in court should come and participate in the election process to move the party forward,” urged kakande. “We call upon all DP members that court doesn’t decide on party issues. The door is open for anyone that wants to stand,”