Hundreds of prospective voters today flocked voters registration centres to register ahead of the 2016 general elections. The verification exercise ends today 4 May.
Many Kampalans flocked various registration centers to cross-check register data after the Electoral Commission (EC) announced 4 May as the deadline date. On 29 April the Electoral Commission announced that it had extended the verification period to 4 May since many voters had not checked out their data.
According to the number of people at various centres today, it showed that many people had not registered and verified data. In Najjanakumbi, over 100 people lined up to check out the register at Namuli Church zone Voting Centre.
The EC official at the centre who wished to remain anonymous revealed that many people had been sent back home since time had run out. “I am not even sure these people lining up will cross check and verify their data;’ said the official.
Most voters at the centre complained and urged EC to give them more time since it’s them to blame for the delay. “We find it hard tracking these people they shift all the time, they should extend the exercise for one month,” said Busulwa Vincent a resident of Najanankmbi. The official said EC was not to blame but the people. “The verification exercise started on April 7, but they didn’t turn up.” The same sentiments are shared by Mbabazi Margret, the Chief Supervisor at Nooku Zone, Kisenyi 3 parish voting centre.
Ms Mbabazi says that in the past month, few people verified the Voter’s Register and that during early April they would get about 10 to 15 people. “After EC announced it won’t extend the deadline, it’s when they are coming in big numbers, we have been verifying since early April but it’s now that they are coming.”
Some of the voters at Kikoni Zone C voting centre, said that the National Identity Card Registration exercise and National Voters’ Register Verification exercise confused them. “I was only told by a friend that I needed to check the voter’s register to verify my data, I didn’t mind at first because I thought they had my correct data from the Identication card register,” said Meele Nabankema.
“They didn’t sensitize us so much and am sure many people have not cross checked their information,” Kakande Gilbert a Boda Boda rider said.
Although there are a number of people that haven’t verified their data in the National Voters’ Register, the EC commission in a Press Release published on 29 April confirmed that there would not be any extensions after the 4 May deadline. Many election officials at the various verification centers have considered the exercise a success. They claim many people verified their information compared to those that did not.
The updated National Voter’s Register will be displayed for one month staring 20 June to 20 July.

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