President Museveni says the international community and the UN should respect regional processes to enable Africans solve their own problems.

Speaking at The High Level Thematic Debate On “Strengthening Cooperation Between The United Nations And Regional And Sub-Regional Orgnisations,” Museveni said, “The international community, including the UN, can only support and should, therefore, respect regional processes.”

You are all aware of the long period it takes the UN to deploy in a crisis situation. The process from initial consultations, to a “zero” draft resolution, through several rounds of negotiations on actual drafts to a final resolution authorizing any form of action, can take agonizingly long to come through.

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That is if one or more of the Permanent Members with veto power does not use it to block the process.  Some crises situations are such that an immediate and robust response is required.”

He argued that this can best be done by countries in the region.

He cited a situation that occurred in December 2013 in South Sudan saying “the UN Security Council is still debating the issue up to now!!!!”

He added that if we in the region had not acted quickly, the region could possibly have had another genocide.

“The neighbouring countries could have stopped the genocide of Rwanda in 1994.  We could not do it because the UN was obstructing us.” SEE ADDRESS IN FULL