In 2011, thousands of Ugandans herded the Kyambogo rugby grounds with a vengeance for doing battle. On reaching the venue, they found a temporary fence that had divided the pitch into two sections. You see, a very serious and bloody battle was to be fought that day so one had to choose on which side of the face they fell. The two groups of imbeciles hurled insults at each other as they waited for their warlords to take centre stage.
Later, singers Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine took to the stage and performed a few songs, praised their fans (each saying his are the best) while the fans in the two warring clusters categorically expressed their dumbness by worshipping the artistes. Each group now felt empowered to hate the other.
So, as the money makers used their talent to get what they wanted, their devoted fans hurled insults at each other as if any of the two would buy them a bottle of beer. Sheer madness!
When the “musical battle” ended, the fans went back to their muzigos and, in the morning, had to use the back window so as to avoid being seen by their landlords who they now owe two months rent.
The singers that they were worshiping the previous night were laughing on their way to the bank. Don’t believe me? You clearly haven’t been to Bobi Wine’s One Love Beach in Busabala.
Any way, let us fast forward to 2015. Yes, this year too, on May 10th, these ‘music generals’ will be bagging enough to feed twenty families for up to six months as thousands of Ugandans will flood Lido Beach, pay ten thousand shillings to watch the mouse and cat players; Jose Chameleone, Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool.
In what they have called ‘Uganda’s Finest’, the trio, who have for long been on and off sworn enemies will perform on the same stage, with their dimwit supporters bickering over who is ‘greater’. Really, for how long will these musicians flourish on our dumbness?
These guys have ‘beefed’ on all possible mediums; music, television shows, radio talk shows and even newspapers. They have successfully managed to create the illusion that they can never cross each other’s paths because of their sworn hatred, probably arising from competition for money and fame. Unfortunately, people will not realise that that is all there is to this madness. A mere illusion!
It breaks my heart to know that the same will happen this Sunday.
Perhaps we need another rap by Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata. “Nne ntunulira embuzi zino nengamba UPE yatusala!”

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