Vicent Magombe
Vincent Magombe
Vincent Magombe

The events in neighbouring Burundi should serve as a clear warning to all those leaders who take people for granted, abusing the People’s rights in such wanton and arrogant manner, with the hope that the People will be cowed for ever – never to demand for their freedom and rights from the seemingly powerful dictators.
According to Western intelligence sources, it is Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni who had encouraged Burundi’s Nkurunzizato defy the population and break the law. This, therefore, is a warning to Museveni himself because he is not immune from what is going on all around. His intervention in South Sudan has caused more deaths than would have been the case. So his invisible hand is quite destabilising that it is high time the region stopped him.
Inside Uganda Mr Museveni continues to violate the country’s constitution and to abuse the rights of the citizens, without realising that the People’s patience has been exhausted after nearly 30 years of undemocratic governance and corrupt dictatorship.
It is still possible for Mr Museveni to voluntarily leave power and stop pursuing continued presidency over the country through force and incessant violations of the constitutional rights not just of traditional anti-regime opposition forces, but increasingly even of those who are members of the NRM party.
The incredible misuse and abuse by the Museveni regime of the nation’s institutions, particularly the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF), the Uganda Police Service, all other security services, as well as the Electoral Commission, the parliament, the judiciary and the country’s financial centres has gone beyond the acceptable.
Ugandan People are now preparing to resist the continued unlawful imposition of undemocratic governance over the Ugandan nation through uncalled-for legislation, and so-called ‘sole-candidacy’ political manipulations. Ugandans will not allow any further obliteration of the constitution and the regime is put on notice that every effort possible will be actualised to disrupt and stop the already rigged 2016 elections, thereby bringing to an end decades of blatant misrule and undemocratic governance.
The People of Burundi are resolute in standing up to defend their constitutional rights. Ugandan citizens are as determined to end the decades’ long impunity and bad governance in their Motherland. The time when African dictators had free reign in their destructive political gameplays has gone. The time for the People Power is here with us.
Free Uganda Statement. (Issued by Dr Vincent Magombe, Free Uganda Press Secretary and Head of PRU Diaspora Mobilisation. May 13, 2015)

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