John Kikonyogo says working with Sejjusa would be against the party’s principals
John Kikonyogo
John Kikonyogo says working with Sejjusa would be against the party’s principals
John Kikonyogo

The opposition Forum for Democratic Change on Monday announced the beginning of the party elections for lower structures in Kampala that will end on Sunday.
The party Spokesperson, Mr John Kikonyogo told journalists at the party headquarters in Kampala that this is the third phase after western and eastern parts of the country were covered in the first and second phases of the party elections.
“Half of Uganda is reached. By tomorrow, we will be left with about 6 districts,” he said.
M r Kikonyogo said he expected Kampala elections to be a success since all preparations were done and the “relevant authorities” had been informed.
Mr Kikonyogo said police had been informed about the activity and security has been guaranteed. “We met with [Felix] Kaweesi, the general letter was written. There’s no way police can stop us.” He said.
Police has been dispersing opposition rallies in Kampala and there are fears among the party members that members would fear turn up for voting.
On the arrest of the former FDC party president Dr. Kizza Besigye, Mr. Kikonyogo lashed out at the police officers who arrested Dr Besigye, saying they were ‘being overzealous.’
He said the meeting at Nsambya where Besigye was arrested was legal but was police blocked it in a move to show their bosses they were working. “It hurts me for some officer to stop Dr. Besigye from meeting his friends,” said Kikonyogo.
The FDC spokesperson accused Kampala South Regional Police Commander Mr. Siraji Bakaleke, the Kampala Metropolitan operations commander of wrongly arresting Dr. Besigye.
“He should not take the law in his hands. Whoever talks against him is arrested. He should stick to his job. He has overstepped his mandate and we will try to stop him. We won’t take more of this nonsense.” he said.
He supported the ongoing teachers’ strike over the demand to have government increase their salaries by 10 percent, saying the teachers are demanding what government had promised them last year.
“The government promised to increase their salaries, now they are demanding it,” said Mr Kikonyogo.

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