Alice Alaso warning members
Alice Alaso warning members
Alice Alaso warning members

The opposition Forum for Democratic Change Secretary General, Ms Alice Alaso, has chided party members she claims want to cause disunity in the party.

“Some ill -guided individuals want to disorganize our party but we will do everything in our powers to defend it. It’s not time for the rats to eat the ropes that anchor the ark”, she said.

 Ms Alaso was speaking at the party’s annual National Council meeting in Kampala on Monday that would decide when to hold its delegates’ conference.

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Speaking at the same event, the party President Gen (rtd) Mugisha Muntu s called for cooperation between the opposition political parties as Ugandans prepare to vote in 2016. He says the NRM government can only “be kicked out of power” if the opposition works together.

Mr. Muntu said the joint tabling of the proposed electoral reforms before parliament last week, was a success. The opposition wants an Independent Electoral commission whose senior commissioners are not appointed by the incumbent president.

 “As the opposition, we want to create a common front. If used effectively, it can work against Museveni,” he said.

The FDC president emphasised the need to give Ugandans hope, saying many people want change but don’t know to make it happen.

“The population is largely in favor of change, it is on us as leaders to keep that hope alive,” said Mr. Muntu.