The arrest of six top Federation of International Football Association officials at Zurich hotel is a welcome gesture to all football and corrupt free minds that aspire to push for the development of football.

Though, arrests have been made late but at least it is a clear message to those out there who continue to abuse their offices by profiteering from them as individuals instead of the intended purpose for all.

Football is a game which is God given talent like other talents and as such, let us leave the talent to flourish. Resorting to favours and bribes in order for countries and individuals who don’t merit at the expense of those that have the talent is the least to say. Why would country X be favoured at the expense of Y to host or participate in the game? It is absurd that the world has reached that level.

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The arrest of the six who include FIFA Vice-President Jeffrey Webb, on suspicion of corruption in dawn raids at a Zurich hotel ahead oftomorrow’s presidential election could pave way for fresh blood at the helm of football. And this can only happen if long serving FIFA President Sepp Blatter steps down and a fresh inquiry is held in countries that subscribe to FIFA.

The arrests are of a separate criminal investigation into how the 2018 (Russia) and 2022 (Qatar) World Cups were allocated. However, Blatter has already ruled out a revote, insisting Russia and Qatar will remain the respective hosts.

The members of the world governing body were held by Swiss police at the US Department of Justice’s request. They are suspected of having received bribes totaling millions of US dollars, the Swiss authorities said.

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