The narration by the Director of Operations in Uganda Police Force, AIG Andrew Felix Kaweesa at the Public Relations Association of Uganda that pupils of Namagunga Junior were alarmed and made noise while calling him all sorts of names in reference to bad picture in which these pupils see police is what most Ugandans hold about the force.

Therefore, it isn’t surprising that these children at such tender age have also realized whether misconception or real the public long held view about the misconduct of some police officers while on duty.

Police is none partisan and yes, it is supposed to be none partisan as per our Constitution but the misconduct of some individuals within the force makes it look otherwise. Again, police shouldn’t be condemned entirely as a bad institution, because its work in areas like traffic, investigations, public order is commendable and thanks to the Inspector General of Police, Gen. Kale Kayihura. However, Gen. Kayihura should prevail on those seen to be denting the image he has built.

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What explains the mishandling and the inhumane treatment the force has continuously used on members of opposition and those who do not agree with the order of the day?  Why treat Dr. Kizza Besigye like we are in slave trade era?  Such inhumane treatment coupled with other misconducts of the force is what is dissuading the public from trusting the police porce as a civil force that is supposed to protect them.

Assuming Dr. Besigye became President of Ugandatomorrow, what will happen to such officers who are ever beating him and smashing his vehicles like movies actors shooting a film? Would they comfortable remain here or head to exile?

A story is told in Zambia of how Michael Sata while in opposition was being depicted in wrong stories and pictures by some editors at one of the government dailies. However, when Mr Sata won elections and became president, these editors resigned and took off but in his light moods like he was, President Sata recalled them and told them he knew what they were doing wasn’t their choice but that of the state.

So let us all use our offices well to serve others than being used to do things we wouldn’t want to be done unto us.

And has Uganda Police Force ever realized why Uganda People Defence Forces (UDPF) regained its magnificence as a people’s force? Have they (Police) seen what UPDF does to its enemies? UDPF has captured many its enemies at the battlefields but they haven’t killed any of them but instead they are given first class treatment like buying them suits, offering medical treatment and sending military choppers to offer transport for them. Police should emulate what the army did and invest in building a good relationship between army and the public.

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