DP National Chairman Baswaari Kezaala addressing the media
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DP National Chairman Baswaari Kezaala addressing the media
DP National Chairman Baswaari Kezaala addressing the media

Following sporadic killings of Ugandans in various regions of the country, the opposition Democratic Party has called upon Ugandans to form security committees, saying the ruling National Resistance Movement government has failed to protect the citizens.
According to DP, the security situation of Uganda has been deteriorating for the past 15 years, with crimes committed including among others; child and adult sacrifice, killings including the recent murders of Muslim clerics and other high profile people and, the attacks on university students.
Addressing the weekly press conference Mr.Baswari Kezaala, the DP national chairman said that upon creation the village security committees would voluntarily guard their areas.
“We did it in the 80s during Obote II when security was lacking and it worked,” Mr Kezaala said today at City House, the party headquarters.
The localized security system known as nkuuma kange literally meaning, ‘I am keeping my own property’, involves drafting a timetable for different groups or individuals to carry out patrols during the night and ensuring security in their areas of residence.
“The committees have to contain able-bodied men from different homesteads of that particular society, and they are supposed to work in shifts,” Mr Kezaala said.
He added: “Government doesn’t have a clear stand on this issue, this is why they keep attributing the murders to ADF even when they say Jamilu Mukulu was arrested; therefore, it has failed to protect its people and now they should take the initiative themselves.”
The DP stalwart also condemned police brutality especially while arresting opposition leaders and asked members of the force to remain professional and not act as puppets for the NRM in a bid to promote the ruling party’s interests.
“This act of brutality is totally unacceptable especially towards elections,” Mr.Kezaala said, adding: “We call upon government and Kayihura (police boss) in particular to revisit his position and do his work of keeping law and order.”