Wafula Oguttu, Leader of Opposition in Parliament
Wafula Oguttu, Leader of Opposition in Parliament
Wafula Oguttu, The Leader of Opposition in Parliament

Kampala-Uganda’s opposition parties and civil society leaders on Wednesday left for Nairobi, Kenya to discuss a possibility of fielding a coalition presidential candidate against the ruling party in 2016 elections.

The Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Mr Wafula Oguttu told Eagle Online the conference is going to discuss “a wide range of issues affecting the opposition,” but said the main item on the agenda is the “modalities” of agreeing on having one candidate for the forthcoming elections.

 “Yes, I am going to be part of the meeting and yes, a coalition candidate is one of the major issues for discussion” Mr Oguttu said.

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However, the former FDC President, Kizza Besigye told Eagle Online he wasn’t aware of the meeting because he had not been invited.

“I don’t know whether I am on the list or not. I haven’t received the invitation and I am not aware[of the meeting].”

In response to why Dr. Besigye was not attending, Mr Oguttu said: “I don’t know. But what I can say is that most opposition leaders are going to attend”

Earlier, the former Assistant Bishop of Kampala Diocese, Dr. Zac Niringiye said the meeting was going to discuss “a peaceful transition from Mr Museveni to another leader”.

“Who says it is only opposition? this is a meeting of all those opposed to the Museveni regime and our focus now is to have a peaceful transition from Museveni” he said.

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