Kampala city tax park
Kampala city tax park
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Uganda Passengers Protection Association (UPPA) has asked government to consider public transport as a budgetary component in the next financial year.

In an interview with eagleonline earlier today, the UPPA National Coordinator, Mr Badru Nyenje pointed out the importance of public transport enhancement ahead of the National Budget reading on Thursday, June 11.

“Public transport is the backbone of the country’s economy; we need more money to be allocated to this sector,” Mr.Nyenje said, adding: “We have been advocating for this since 2013 but they (government) have turned a deaf ear; we urge them to comply now.”

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According to UPPA, the government has paid lukewarm attention to matters of passenger safety; bad roads (leading to several accidents); and equipping referral hospitals (especially along highways) to effectively treat accident victims.

UPPA further tasked government to teach its citizens on public transport and safety rules including available compensation in case of accidents, through the Motor Third Party insurance scheme.

“Most people are ignorant about the Motor Third Party Insurance and many insurance companies use it as an advantage to avoid the compensating victims of accidents,” Mr Nyenje noted.

Started in 2013, the Uganda Passengers Protection Association is an organization that advocates for the safety and rights of passengers in the country.

According to Mr Nyenje,  the organisation works in collaboration with Uganda Passengers Protection Centre to lobby the government to strengthen existing regulations, improve aviation infrastructure and enhance other safety standards and policies that address the rights and needs of passengers.

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