Robert Shaka
Robert Shaka
Robert Shaka
Robert Shaka

Kampala-Police is both tight lipped and stuck with Mr Robert Shaka whom they arrested on Monday morning suspecting him of being regime cyber critic Tom Voltaire Okwalinga.

Mr Shaka revealed in an interview with NTV on Sunday night that he had been a subject of harassment by police and other state agents who suspect him of being the anonymous Tom Voltaire Okwalinga who has for close to a decade being at the centre of revealing and exposing the inside regime dealings.

Asked why the police had arrested, detained and held Mr Shaka in incommunicado, while TVO as is popularly referred to by the followers is still posting and exposing the inside dealings, when the police is confident that the person they have is indeed Okwalinga, Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga said he had no facts about the arrest of Shaka.

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“I have not confirmed Shaka’s arrest because Criminal Investigations and Intelligence Directorate Deputy Director Geoffrey Musana hasn’t confirmed.” Enanga said.

To the contrary, Nicholas Opiya Shaka’s lawyer told Eagle Online that by Enanga denying that the force hadn’t arrested Shaka it was part of the wider schemes police is employing to keep Shaka in detention without producing him in Court.

“I am deeply concerned why they have kept Shaka in detention while a man accused of being him is continuously doing what he does best. Enanga is lying because Shaka is at Special Investigation Unit (SIU) at Kireka” Opiyo said.

Adding “This isn’t the first time they are harassing him because early this year they searched his house, took his computer and the laptop and his has been on their bond and so why deny”.

Opiyo said failure to produce Shaka tomorrow in Court; they are to apply for Habeas Corpus.

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