Straka Mwezi
Straka Mwezi
Straka Mwezi

Colourful Straka Mwezi has released a song bashing the landlord that evicted her for non payment of rent dues.

During her show, “Late Show” that airs daily on Wavah Broadcasting Television (WBS), Straka boosted about how she had finally made it onto the music scene. “This is for my fans,” she said.

The 3 minute song has Straka singing in auto-tune cautioning the landlord about not hating her( Straka) for refusing to be in a relationship with him. “Musajja mukulu, olina nabazukulu, sili Malaya tonkaka,”

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she sings in the song, adding, ‘olimukulu sagala bantu bakulu.” Which literally means ‘old man you even have grand children, I am not a wh**e, don’t force me,” she adds, ‘you are old I don’t love oldmen.”

Does this mean Straka has now joined Uganda’s music scene after so many years of promoting artistes.

If she has then maybe, just maybe she will paints the music scene with some of those bright colors of hers.

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