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Guidance to Comrades. By Gen David Sejusa.

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Gen Sejjusa
Gen Sejjusa

Subject: Re: The Democratic Alliance Comrades

 This is the guidance on The Democratic alliance:

First as a principle, we support all forces opposed to Museveni coming together even if not to fight him but to have a united stand including those in NRM to condemn his excesses.

Secondly, PRU/FU believes in the essence that Museveni should leave power before 2016.

Thirdly, PRU/FU believes that any alliance must be for

  1. a) Forcing the regime to bring reforms
  2. b) Or if there are no reforms, then organising the population to stop any sham election

Those are general principles.

On specifics, PRU/FU will not go into any alliance whose objectives are not clear. We stand for resolutely resisting Museveni until he is defeated.

PRU/FU will not participate in an election organised by Museveni

PRU/FU shall not boycott the election but shall not allow it to take place if the process contravenes the provisions of our constitution.

Therefore, any alliance will have to fulfil the above for us to be party.

We call upon all the people of Uganda to go on building the resistance infrastructure to defeat the dictatorship.

The people are with us who want to force the dictatorship out not to massage it.

It’s not that the opposition can’t win. They can win but they can’t get power from Museveni. After all, Dr Besigye won in 2006 but never took power.

So the question is, what does the new alliance have which is different from past alliances.

So we shall not attack it but we shall explain to our people the reality on the ground. We imagine they are reasoning this way;

1- We have no capacity to disrupt the election so we go in even when we know we shall loose and hopefully use the anger of the people to confront the dictatorship after the rigging.

2- That the anger of the population will be easier to tap in at this time.

In other words, they want to resist after the rigging.

This approach is wrong for three main reasons

  1. a) It is dishonest
  1. b) It confuses the population
  1. c) It removes the emphasis from building capacity to resist the dictatorship to electioneering
  1. d) It divides the opposition forces because the dictator shall allow some to win and rig at the very top and enough NRM seats to ensure his dominance. The rest he shall allow opposition to take.

This has a big danger of dividing us so that those who have “won” defend their turf.

As we go on we shall assess other serious implications.


Gen David Sejusa

National Coordinator PRU


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