Judith Heard
Judith Heard
Judith Heard

Local celebrity Judith Heard is in a tight fix; who isn’t when you knock down and seriously injure a boda boda cyclist and then try to drive off?

Last Thursday as she reportedly returned from an all-night booze binge Ms Heard, driving her state-of-the-art Audi Reg No UAP 433S knocked down Francis Mukasa, who was riding his motorcycle Reg No UEG 927 Y along Jinja Road, near the traffic lights.

Eye witnesses said a ‘drunk’ Ms Heard tried to drive on but was encircled by other boda boda riders until she was forced to pull over and try to settle the matter.

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Mukasa was later taken to Mulago Hospital where his legs were amputated on arrival.

But as the matter was being pursued, Mukasa asked for Ushs20 million as compensation and treatment charges but Ms Heard requested to pay Ushs5 million, which his family and friends rejected, opting for the law to take its course.

Police has since preferred hit-and-run charges against Ms Heard under case file number TSD:02/04/06/2015.



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