Recently, two important personalities aired out their concerns in respect to the environment.

In his encyclical to Catholic clergy Pope Francis I decried the way people have destroyed the environment. Following closely, former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan spoke out in support of the Pope’s position on environment destruction.

According the Pope, every one of us has played a part in this mess and has a responsibility to help change the environment for the better.

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There is no doubt that we have destroyed the environment because of greed. Period. Manufacturers, business persons and governments have all participated in this environment destruction mayhem with reckless abandon.

Today, Africa is the last hope for rejuvenating the environment and no efforts must be spared in this undertaking; indeed, Africa is the place that can best contain the carbon emissions from the industrialized countries. But it is also in Africa that we find the most reckless abuse of processes aimed at maintaining a level of environmental sanity.

For instance, currently in Uganda there is ping pong over the ban of the polythene bag commonly called the kaveera. While the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) insists the ban is on, sections of the media and some business persons claim the ban was lifted for six months. Given such contrasting conversations, someone has got to come out openly, carry out a media sensitization drive, clearly informing the populace about the correct position as regards the Kaveera.

Also, there is also need to come clean on this: why do Ugandans continue using the Kaveera even when they know it is illegal?

Possibly we need to take a look at neighbouring Rwanda, where the ban on kaveera was enforced and today, all people in that country have totally abandoned its use.

To ensure the future, there is need for a clean environment now.