Last night Kibuli faction-based cleric Sheikh Ibrahim Kiirya was gunned down by assailants who were riding a motorcycle commonly known as boda boda.

Over the last six months this country has lost about six important people, after marauding boda boda guys opened fire on them. This is a very disturbing development, given that the killers use the motorcycles, which in most cases have no number plates, as a getaway, making investigations a complex affair.

It has been revealed that the deceased Sheikh had sought police protection after his colleagues across the country had died under mysterious circumstances. So what happened to the guards? Did they not have a systematic change of guards, where one replaces another without necessarily losing sight of the person they are guarding?

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That notwithstanding, as Ugandans, our guard has been lowered, while our moral fabric has decayed so much so that we have settled for the worst there is.

From corruption, fake pastors who hobnob with other people’s spouses, mob justice, pornography, cars with tinted windscreens, land-grabbing, wetlands desecration and child sacrifice, crime has now almost come to define the country that was once referred to as the ‘Pearl of Africa’. This is unacceptable and must be resisted.

Indeed, as a nation if we are to be secure, there is need for action and the police should be the lead agent for the much-needed change by ensuring that crime does not go undetected. The courts of law should also step up their act, and ensure that crime is punished.

To begin with, let the court expedite the case of the terror suspects, so that that matter is put to rest and allow the relatives of the deceased carry on with their lives.