Kampala has become one crazy area, with sirens blaring all over the place.

It has been common to find a mix of cars; ambulances, convoys, bullion vans, motorcyclists all sending off the whining sound as if there are no regulations governing road use. Similarly, the way ‘authorised vehicles’ use our roads is at times suspect, necessitating the traffic police to be vigilant.

Indeed, at one time it was reported that a driver of an Ambulance who was carrying matooke and bags of charcoal set off the siren to clear the way, only for police to foil his silly trick. He was reportedly cautioned!

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That aside, most motorists are aware of the authorized vehicles scheduled, and tend to give way when they are approaching, save for a few cases when the traffic jam just can’t permit quick vacating.

But there are various abuses on our roads, which are simply ignored, yet they can cause problems for both the driver and his entourage on the one hand, and for the other road users on the other hand.

So, given that our drivers and cyclists seem recalcitrant, there is need to strengthen all traffic rules and regulations, with strict penalties for those that abuse them.

For instance, it is not uncommon to find a truck or pick-up vehicle mounted with a blaring loud speaker and advertising a new product or concert somewhere.

Such abuse is in total contempt of the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) Act, yet the law enforcement agents just look on as this happens.

It is such attitude that makes those culpable for road misuse think they are above the law.

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