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President Museveni addressing SC-Villa support at Hotel Africana.
President Museveni addressing SC-Villa support at Hotel Africana.


President has donated a bus to Sports Club Villa this evening as the “Jogo” make 40 years of existence.

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Museveni who was chief guest at the dinner hosted by club leaders at Hotel African, described 40 years of football as an achievement to the club. This is a second time Mr Museveni is donating a bus to the “Jogo” as they are fondly referred to by the fans.

“It is quite an achievement for any local football club to continue for a long period of time within the football fraternity. SC-Villa has been the best club in Uganda’s football leagues for the last 40 years.” Mr Museveni told the audience.

SC-Villa is celebrating 40 years of existence as a football club in Uganda’s football leagues.

According to the club leaders, SC-Villa has assisted more than 500 Ugandan football players to develop their talents and the ability to remain in their team each year, marked its milestone with an anniversary. The theme at 40 anniversary celebration dinner is “Honoring the past; shaping the future.”

“Over the years, we have learned that every senior we have assisted has lived an important life and has his own unique story,” Eng. Ben M Misagga said. Adding “This event provides us an opportunity to honour their rich contributions to the club and to share their stories.”

The celebration dinner had approximately 100 attendees, from clients, sponsors and volunteers, to football players, board members and staff. Every ticket purchased provided an opportunity for a senior or fun to attend the event at no cost.

According to President Museveni, SC Villa is one of the oldest and best teams in the country and he is privileged to join them as they celebrate 40 years as a club.

“I have known SC -Villa since the time I got out of the bush though I know little about sports at least I know Villa as a winning team for that reason I reward you another bus because I remember giving one ten years ago. After these elections I promise much attention on sports as it seems interesting” said the President

An awards ceremony recognized their sports fraternity and SC Villa board members like State Minister for sports Charles Bakababulindi and Eng. Ben Misagga. Also honored was senior founder of the team Kawooya family, Paul Hasule (RIP), living legend medal Sula Kato. Two talent promoter pastor Robert Kayanja, Magid Musisi and David Otti, were on hand to accept a congratulatory medals from President Museveni