Fred Enanga, police Spokesperson.
Fred Enanga, police Spokesperson.
Fred Enanga, police Spokesperson.


The Uganda Police has issued a warning to its officers against engaging themselves in crime.

Speaking to journalists at the police headquarters in Naguru today, police spokesperson, Fred Enanga said they will not condone acts like these in the force.

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“We are not going to tolerate this and we shall continue to eradicate all the bad apples from the force.” Mr.Enanga said.

Recently, police reports have linked some of their officers countrywide in criminal acts like murder, armed robbery, hiring guns to robbers among others, with many police guns being recovered from robbers.

Mr.Enanga did not dispute this as he admitted that many of such individuals are still in the force.

“We cannot rule out their existence because like in all institutions, such people do exist.” Mr.Enanga said.

However, police maintains that they have started arrests of indisciplined officers and negligent ones in their bid to clean up the force.

“Ninsiima Allan lost his gun loaded with 38 rounds of ammunition in Kigezi when he slept off under the influence of alcohol, we arrested him and charged him with negligence and lost of a police gun.” Mr.Enanga said.

Asked why would a police officer involve himself in committing crime? Outside the police headquarters, an officer who preferred anonymity said conditions may force a policeman to do certain things out of the law.

“Most of us are poor, and we may look for other ways to earn and therefore one can do anything in order to survive.” He said adding, “Some however just have an inhuman heart and are just greedy.”





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