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Lolah Adhama: Keeping up with fashion designing

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Who is Lolah Adhama?

I am a fashion blogger, stylist and actress. I blog what I wear every day to inspire other fashion lovers like me

Where were you born?

I was born in Bwiru, Mwanza in Tanzania.

Where did you go to school?

I studied Primary in Ethiopia Shahamane Preparatory School and for high school went to Ethiopia International School in Addis Ababa.  I then went to Shahamane Health Science College for my college level and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology at the India Institute of Science Education and Research  in Calcutta.

Like any lady this may be a difficult one for you. How old are you?

I am okay telling my age. I’m 23 years old and soon making 24

What do you do for a living?

I own a business dealing in human weaves. I buy them from Brazil, India and Dubai and sell them here. I also have a fashion line mainly dealing in beach dresses and bikinis. Once in a while I do outing dresses too.

Why did you leave modeling?

Let me clear this…I used to be model but not anymore I am now more into business. And acting… But I love fashion and am inspired by everyday people. Social media and those that support me that I don’t want to let down

What inspired you into fashion designing?

Ha! I love looking good. And hair and clothes are very important if a woman wants to look good…

So I happily sell my weaves and bikini designs then clothes to bring out the sexy in that woman


Who is your role model both locally and internationally?

Internationally that would be Victoria Beckham. God, I love that woman; strong and hardworking… Then locally it would be my dad; he taught me to be the woman I am now and the woman I will be tomorrow.. All thanks to him I get to share my ideas all over Africa and beyond

Are you married, engaged, or in a relationship and if you yes with who?

Am not married yet…but there is someone in my life… Trust me when the right time comes to reveal to the media I will scream his name probably on top of the tallest building in town!

Should we expect a ring on your figure soon?

Yes… A wedding ring… Coz I already have an engagement ring


When do you want to start having children?

That will be a discussion I have to have with my better half then let you know…but we will some day

You say you are from Tanzania, how do you find your stay in Uganda?

Yes I am Tanzanian… How do I find Uganda … Ah, let me just use one word to describe it: ‘home’

How I came to Uganda? Long story, but it is a good one


Have you ever hard a crash on a man?

Yes I have

If yes who?

I had a crush on Theodore Peter James, known as Theo, an English actor in Divergent … God that man is irresistibly cute

You are a very beautiful girl how do you maintain your beauty and figure?

Thank you. Well I do gym work a lot… I swim a lot too and I watch my diet as well… Then drink lots of water every morning… Eat lots of fruits especially watermelon, my best fruit…


What makes Lolah push?

My passion to make a better life for me and my future kids. And the thirst to be a successful and powerful woman. With that on my mind I can never stop

You say you are an actress, in which group do you act and what are some of your works?

Yes am an actress both here in Uganda and Tanzania. In Tanzania I work with Safi films and here in Uganda I have been blessed to work with different film industries like Kiss Films, Fab Productions, Savannah Moon Productions, Fasttrack and Atonga Films/Entertainment… In feature films and series… like The ring, The 4 of us series, Beneath the Lies I; Mountains and Valleys TV series and The Maid etc…

What is your design label?

My design label is LA fashions

What has been your best moment in life?

My best moment was the day I knew who I was born to be… A fashionista.. Fashion whisperer

And what has been your best moment in fashion?

Not had my best fashion moment because I still have a lot to accomplish but I have very many good fashion moments


What are the achievements in your career?

Can’t start pointing out one or two achievements because then I will be unfair to my other achievements but all I can say is that this year I have been blessed…

What challenges have you met so far and how have you overcome them?

People calling me names and disrespecting my love for fashion. Sometimes when I am advertising my bikinis people think am advertising my body but I have learnt to look at the positive only.

Which music do you listen to?

I love all kinds of music… I love good music but the best music that really excites me is RnB… I feel like a diva when am singing RnB in the showers… (Ssshh don’t tell anyone I said that)


Who is your favorable artiste both locally and internationally?

Internationally, I love Lady Gaga and locally I love Diamond Platinumz. In Uganda it would be Juliana… I easily understand her music

How do you spend your free time?

I go swimming, travel to new places or go to the gym

Do you hang out and if yes which are your favourable hangout places in Uganda?

I rarely hang out while in Kampala because I am mostly here for work but when I do… me and my girlfriends go to fashion events at maybe Serena or for one or two drinks at Bubbles O’Leary or out of town in Entebbe or Jinja

Which is your favourite dish?

I love a well-cooked Ethiopian dish … enjera and dorowart. My best … maybe mashed potatoes with chicken wings; I find myself eating that often when I am in a foreign country; I don’t know if its my best dish or just a Plan B

Which car do you drive and which is your dream car?

When in Tanzania I drive a Mercedes Benz. In Uganda I change because I do a lot of car renting and cabs … But my dream car is still being manufactured. Of course I would dream of the latest car

What makes you laugh or cry?

Happiness and love make me laugh.. Disappointments make me cry. I am a tough girl so I rarely cry unless it’s really overweighing me

Where do you see the Ugandan modeling and fashion industry moving?

The Ugandan modeling and fashion is growing; I can see improvement and room to learn more and lots of efforts being injected

What are your future prospects?

All I know is I want to be healthy, strong, focused and live long enough to work so hard to build a legacy and live to enjoy it.

My future prospect is to fight to be a role model to many and an idol and definitely the pride of my family

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